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Programs of the Heart
Purpose & Vision


Our purpose is to provide evolutionary and experiential instruction, courses, tools and support so that individuals may learn to live their lives utilizing and expressing the gifts of life, love, and guidance from the Heart in everyday life.

We are a united and aligned group of people committed to bringing educational standards and service, with love and caring from the highest in our self, to individuals, couples, businesses and groups requesting our services throughout the world. From this space of love, we honor and serve each other, and our community. We demonstrate the principles of living from the Heart in our lives, in our personal standards and ethics, and in our active and responsible membership in our community and our world.


In the course of all humanity, changes and evolutions take place all the time for everyone as we grow as human beings into different stages of life. At certain isolated points of existence, not very frequent in time, profound life altering changes take place for all humanity that bring about a point of evolution...a leap to an extraordinary higher state of existence and consciousness.

The time is now for the profound life altering change for all humanity to take place. Bringing and utilizing knowledge of the existence of the Heart and its field of information is the catalyst that brings about the change. Living in this state of the Heart is the point of evolution that will bring about this extraordinary, profound and higher state of existence and consciousness.

With love, we at Programs of the Heart, Inc make it our purpose and vision to offer experiential courses to everyone in this world filled with information, experiences, knowledge, spirit, support and coaching on how to live in every area of life in this profound state of the Heart.

Our vision is that love, peace, wisdom, beauty, and harmony become and prevail as a natural way of being and living on this planet as a critical mass of human souls live life in the state of the Heart.

July 26, 2001