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Cathy Condray

Phone: 870-246-2357, (Cell) 512-750-2292

As a Certified Heart Life Instructor, I get to witness transformation as Hearts open and lives are changed! Sharing this work allows me to express my deep gratitude for the gift I have received. It would be an honor to join you in your journey to the Heart.

My first experience of the Heart was in 1988 when I took my first course. I knew that first weekend that I was to teach this work. In 1990, I met my husband, Jim, at one of Diana Vela’s courses. Jim and I now have a life of road traveling. We traveled 18 states in 1984. I work with whoever I come in contact with, wherever I am, in person or by phone, offering sessions and series! If you are wondering if I just might be in your area, contact me. I look forward to sharing this extraordinary work with you. Maybe we will re-route our trip so that we can meet and assist you in introducing Programs of the Heart to your community.