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Diana VelaDiana Vela, creator and director of Programs of the Heart, Inc. is a teacher and innovator in the field of evolutionary and spiritual work. In over twenty-five years of committed instructing, she has enhanced and spirited the lives of thousands. Since 1986, out of her commitment to support people to discover and live their authentic expression of love, truth, creativity, and freedom, she uncovered and accessed the pure voice of the inner ‘Eternal Heart’ and amazing rich beautiful changes began to take place.

Diana’s commitment has been to teach the ability to access this profound experience of the Heart as the informational and guiding force of people’s lives. In her vision to share this extraordinary, evolutionary gift with others, Diana is presently instructing individuals to also teach this Heart work. Presently, there are active Heart Life Instructors in the United States and Australia.

Diana is also in the process of writing two books: The Eternal Heart and In the Heart and Soul of my Beloved. Her commitment is to make the Heart available to every person in the world. She is presently working at having it happen.