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Nancy Byron
Phone: 303-440-8352

As a Certified Heart Life Instructor since 1998, I continue to teach what I love. I find it a great privilege and joy to facilitate others to discover their Heart. The depth, gentleness and transformation of this work is incredible. It is an honor to share this work, to co-create in the space of the Heart, to simply return with another human being into a pure state of love.

Linda Green
Phone: 303-823-6024, (Cell) 303-588-2963

I love people and being a Certified Heart Life Instructor since 1998 has allowed me the opportunity to develop the deepest relationships of my life by assisting people to live in the Heart. I value each person like a jewel being newly discovered. As Certified Heart Life Instructors, we are archeologists of the Heart…discovering, freeing and revealing the beauty and radiance of the essence of the soul. My commitment is that I assist you to live the purity of your essence through this Heart work so that your many brilliant facets are revealed allowing you to live the most extraordinary life. In this life that unfolds, you have the freedom to be, the clarity and guidance to express and share your many gifts and love with others.
Currently, I teach courses privately and in groups. In addition to instructing, I have served on The Programs of the Heart, Inc., Board of Directors for the past two years.

Julie Stone
Phone: 303-926-1845

As a Certified Heart Life Instructor since 1999, I am honored to provide this service to people. They will love their lives. They will more freely give and receive love as a result of this work. Living from my heart gives me permission to feel the bubbling over happiness and joy in my life.