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A monthly gathering

In Partnership with the Heart          
      …An Evening of Expanded Love


Monthly evening gatherings are offered in different cities where Mastery of the Heart Graduates meet, facilitated by a Certified Heart Life Instructor  



As someone committed to live the urgings of the Heart in order to bring to life the full expression of your Soul and the pureness of your love, we invite you to participate in this monthly gathering of Hearts and Souls. 


The purpose of the evening is to continue to deepen and maintain our relationship with the Heart and to tap into the unending resources and riches it continually makes available.


We cannot emphasize enough the preciousness of this relationship.

It is essential that we nurture this Heart relationship always.


We will include at least one Heart life session during the evening to allow us to address whatever is next for us to discover and master on this, our journey of the Heart and Soul.


Ultimately it is new dimensions of Love,  that the Heart is guiding us to open in this 2 hour and 30 minute gathering.


It is a time for people to come together who are committed to live true to the highest, in tune with the guidance of the Heart. It is a time of giving and receiving, and sharing this Heart, Soul, and Love together in community.

It is a time to realize the unending power of the Heart, of the Soul, and of Love in community.  

The requested fee for the evening is $25   

Prerequisite: Mastery of the Heart


 Bring your magnificent Heart and your unending love to this monthly wonder of openings created just for you.


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Contact the HEART LIFE INSTRUCTOR in your area.