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A Relationship Course…
With Diana Vela

This extraordinary relationship experience, led by Diana Vela, offers three miraculous days of divine gifts, laughter, ecstasy, revelations and inspirations. You will tap deeply into the most powerful source of unlimited love, unlimited power, understanding, wisdom and growth, generated from a committed, yet surrendered union of people embraced in their love.
This course is open to both couples and singles

  • Give yourself and your relationship the gift of sacred love every day.
  • Open to effective ways of communicating and relating from the Heart.
  • Grow closer in richness, in love, in open understanding, in compassion, in creation, in playful joy, in ability to experience the depth of your Beloved.
  • Open your Heart and wings to freedom, to delight, play, create, and have beautiful, light and powerful, amazing experiences with your loved ones.
  • Discover a profound depth of relationship within yourself and your Beloved never experienced before.
  • As an individual taking the course, you will learn, open, discover, relate, deepen, understand, experience and set a powerful foundation to bring to your present or future relationships to life.
  • Learn skills of living together in a fulfilled, spiritual and empowered manner that expands, grows, and deepens through the years.
  • You will leave with the information and knowledge of how to live and maintain this state of profound relationship in your everyday life.
  • Each day you will delve beyond your limitations and beliefs to new worlds of profound relationship, bringing to life a richness and fulfillment beyond your dreams. And so much more…

This course is open to both couples and singles
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Course pre-requisites: have completed at least 2 or more individual Heart Life sessions or have completed a Programs of the Heart Course.

Pre-Requisite Evening: 
For those who have not met the pre-requisite for The Heart and Soul of my Beloved, we are offering a pre-requisite evening, date will be announced.
Register Now.  Price: $75