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Become a Heart Life Instructor

If interested in this course please CONTACT Diana Vela.

Becoming a Heart Life Instructor is easy, all it takes is a willing Heart and the desire for higher service. If you are willing to make a commitment to yourself to deepen and explore the sacredness within you, and you have a desire to assist others in finding that same sacredness within themselves, than your journey into The Heart and becoming a Heart Life Instructor is ready to begin.

The first step in the journey of your Heart is the Mastery of Heart course. It is a profound study of the Heart that is designed to assist you in learning how to connect with your Heart, discover your own sacredness, and open you to the possibility of higher service. The course is available as either an individual or group study.

Upon completion of the Mastery of the Heart course and with the recommendation of the Heart Life Instructor, you will begin the Heart Life Instructor’s Training program. The training consists of three parts, during the first segment your training consists of learning to facilitate Heart Life sessions with individuals, in the second segment you will be trained to teach the Mastery of the Heart courses to individuals, and the last segment is designed to train you to work with small groups.

Diana Vela, Founder of Programs of the Heart, Inc., teaches all three segments in the Heart Life Instructor’s Program. The training consists of weekly conference calls with Diana and ongoing mentoring from the Heart Life Instructor that you completed your Mastery of the Heart course with. It takes about one year from the beginning of the Mastery of the Heart course to the completion of the Heart Life Instructor’s training program.

Once you become a Heart Life Instructor, you become a member of select group of individuals that have devoted their lives to bringing the Heart to the world. As a member of the Heart Life body, you are supported through monthly conference calls that are facilitated by Diana Vela and monthly Heart Life trades with members of the Heart Life body. There is also a yearly conference that is designed to assist you in your continuing study of the Heart and to assist you in the development and growth or your own Heart Life business.

Being a Heart Life Instructor is the most awesome job on the planet today. Imagine the privilege and honor of working with someone as they discover and hear their Heart speak for the first time and knowing that every Heart a Heart Life Instructor touches, touches another Heart, and that Heart touches another Heart and so on. Our goal as Heart Life Instructors is to teach all that are ready to open their Hearts to the fullest possible, for it is the open Heart that can bring about profound changes for the individual and all others in that person’s life.

We genuinely look forward to meeting you and having you be a part of the Heart Life body. You can find the names, locations, and course schedules of the Heart Life Instructors in another segment of this website to begin your journey as a Heart Life Instructor. The instructor will work with you and your schedule as much as possible and will be able to answer any additional questions that you may have.