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In the Heart and Soul of my
A Sacred Relationship Course for Singles and Couples

With Diana Vela
Founder and Director of Programs of the Heart, Inc.

Three day weekend course (check calendar for dates)

At last, free yourself to love with all of your Heart.

Open to live a life in relationship, true to your Heart and Soul.

Recognize, love, and honor yourself and your relationship as sacred and worthy to live an extraordinary life, overflowing with amazing gifts, fulfilled with ongoing treasures of love.

Release unworkable relationship patterns and beliefs, open to new possibilities of living expressions of love, harmony, wisdom, and joy in relationship never thought possible in life.

Transcend self-imposed relationship constraints, relaxing into the awe, wonder, immense beauty and love the Heart and Soul bring to relationship and to life.

Begin your journey into a brilliant new world of relationship full of creative rich love, wonder, expansion, fulfillment, and magnificent adventure.

In The Heart and Soul of My Beloved course is comprised of three days full of exciting, experiential discussions with myriads of varied exercises that allow for deep learning and integration of new ways of living and relating that is true to the core of your very own Heart and Soul. Full value is experienced by both singles and couples.

Join us in this enlightening journey of the Heart.

"Discovering Heart & Soul Phone Conference Course" or any course offered by Programs of the Heart.

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Participant Quotes -
In the Heart and Soul of my Beloved I

“I am completely awed by what I wasn’t able to see or take in before. As a single, taking The Heart and Soul of my Beloved I opened my heart to possibilities and set the foundation for the depth and strength for the relationships I want to experience. It improved my relationship with my family, friends, and mostly myself! I now have a profound relationship with myself
and it has touched everyone in my life.” L.C., Dallas, Texas

"I fell in love with my partner again and again in these last 3 days, seeing with all parts of myself where the true love resides. It has been a most incredible, beautiful journey. I have been returned to that soft gentle place in my heart." N.B., Colorado

“I will never view relationships the same again. Honor, love, passion, compassion, beauty, soul, creation, peace will be alive in my relationship with my beloved from now on. No more taking for granted, fitting him into a tiny picture, stifling my growth, and his. Life is too short! An understanding of the power of life. The power of me to create my life and live it to the fullest. Thank you! Please just keep doing what you are doing. It works! I felt very honored and supported the entire time I was in the course. A real sense of community was created the minute we started. Awesome.” SM, Seattle, Washington

“The value of this course has allowed me to open my heart and soul to my beloved without fear, with trust, with commitment, and new eyes.” SG
“The Heart and Soul Course opened a new way of being in my marriage that parallels my spiritual path. Thank you for being the sign post for direction. This course saved my marriage and saved my heart. It strengthens the relationship of Soul to God. There is so much more!” RG&SG, Houston, TX

“In the course of taking both The Heart and Soul of My Beloved I and II everything bust loose! We fell back deeply in love, seeing and experiencing each other as these huge Beings. The hard crust keeping us apart from connecting deeply, fell off. We discovered the power of our relationship! We laugh and play so much more. We now easily work together to discover what’s best for us as our Heart intends. We trust each other profoundly because of this program. Our relationship is free to soar and be all that it is meant to be.” LG and AB– Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

“The Heart and Soul program supported us to discover and put to rest old decisions about “relationship” that could be harmful to us as a couple. We created a foundation of love, trust, and forgiveness upon which our sacred relationship stands. On the last evening of the program, we declared our love for each other and intention to be married within one year… we married one year later! We are living blissfully and happily in ‘divine relationship’. Truth is, this was a finely tuned and well done course. Bravo!" TS and ES – Austin, Texas