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Leadership from the Heart

Three day weekend Course (check calendar for date)

Bring to life a Heart Leadership that delivers the brilliant pulse of the Heart and Soul with its endless profound gifts of love, to those in your Business, Organization, Group, or Family.

Leadership from the Heart is an innovative, transformative course that will open and reveal in you the wholeness of the Heart and Soul so that you in turn bring it to groups as a state of Being.

Pre-requisite to this course is Mastery of the Heart Course or Series, (Heart of Service).

Much will be demanded in this advance course during the five days as you integrate and expand to reach in-depth Heart leadership and a state of transformation that realizes the purpose of the course. You will experience an amplified Being/Soul presence, and a rich, deepened Heart/Source connection. I promise you will reach heights of consciousness and awareness never experienced previously. Please keep in mind: The intention of the course is not for you to teach the Heart in leadership, but rather to bring about Heart and Soul directed leadership and Heart-committed ground of being and presence to businesses, organizations, groups, families, and anywhere in connection to groups of people. Through your action, leadership, and presence of Heart and Soul, people will imbue, model, and open up themselves to this way of being because it innately resonates, empowers and brings out the presence of their own Heart and Soul.

It is now time to live and be the presence of the Heart and Soul at a deep impact level as we interface with the world.

“As you open your Heart and Soul to embrace the Hearts and Souls around you,
all will soar in communion to new worlds of love, creation, movement, and possibility.” DV

“We ultimately serve the highest of another by sharing the integrity of our Heart and Soul.
It expresses a recognition, a connection, and an ultimate, creative and beautiful love.”

Diana Vela

To participate in this course please fill out and send the enclosed application with course deposit. I will then set up an interview with you and if in our conversation we both conclude that you are ready and committed to maximize this course and move into that space in life then we will proceed with giving you some assignments in preparation for the course. If we discover you are not ready for the course quite yet, then your deposit will be refunded. Like everything in this work, our interview will be confidential.

I look forward to the wonders and new horizons this course will bring. My Soul yearns to connect with you once again, to discover new worlds, and to love, and delight with you. I look forward to dancing together in the love and beauty the Heart and Soul gifts to us as we journey in this magnificent creation of God’s love.

All my love always, from my Heart to yours,

Diana Vela
Founder and Director,
Programs of the Heart, Inc.

Leadership from the Heart
Participant Experiences

(Participants were introduced to areas beyond anything addressed before and at the end were left speechless to the enormity of their transformation and experience.)

On the final day of the course I wept with gratitude...finally the marriage of my inner and outer life was complete. I cherish the day the Leadership from the Heart Course started, I had waited for this experience my whole life.

After the completion of the Leadership from the Heart Course, I notice when I'm not "present", I feel "me" absent in this moment. Then I am actually able to recover myself - and the moment is so deep and full of light, love, creativity. This is the ultimate gift I have had in my life. The sages always talk about "be here now", but how do you do it? In the course I actually experienced LIFE in the now - this was definitely the greatest spiritual step I have ever taken in my life - and in only few short days. AB - Leadership from the Heart, March, 2006

"I was blown-away by the Leadership from the Heart Course in more ways than one, many of them being my attachments and parts of myself that were getting in the way of my soul being free in the moment. Now I am truly free! The results of this being in this state of presence is permanent and expanding. It is like the blinders have been removed to witness the beauty and profoundness of creation as it unfolds. I am eternally grateful to Diana and this course for this new precious life. Tears fill my eyes with deep love, gratitude, joy and freedom! This course brought forth a way of leadership way beyond what I ever imagined leadership could be. LG, Leadership from the Heart, March, 2006

This course was like none I've done before. I experienced multiple dimensions of existence in a moment. I am unable to put the experience into words; it was beyond words. Let me just say that my reality expanded exponentially and although my life doesn't look that much different to an outside observer, it looks very different from the inside. SB, Leadership from the Heart, March, 2006

My life has completely changed due to course work I have experienced through Programs of the Heart. My most memorable experience came from the Leadership from the Heart Course. I had such an incredible experience of being ‘present’ and have a new understanding/perception of the energy flows around me. The core of my Being has been opened in a way to allow new creations and expressions to come forth. I’m deeply grateful to you for providing the vehicle I needed for further expansion and unfoldment.

TS, Leadership from the Heart, March, 2006

Immediately after I took the Leadership from the Heart Course, I was not sure what I got. Then I began to have movement in my life. Especially when I followed with the Advanced Mastery Phone Course. I now recognize when things are not in alignment with who I want to be and what I want to experience in life. When that happens, I can now choose the direction for my life without any added drama. It is a new experience of being ‘present’ in my life. In gratitude, I remain. DL, Leadership from the Heart, December, 2007

A short two months after taking the Leadership from the Heart Course, my world is different. I find I have confidence in myself that I've never before felt. I am working for the same boss in a different town and we now enjoy a good working relationship and mutual respect for each other. I feel more myself than I've ever felt. I'm being invited to socialize with people who I enjoy. I'm no longer living on happy memories; I'm living happiness in the present. It’s really amazing and kind of hard to describe but all I can say is I'm now grounded, confident, and feel happier than I've felt in years. Being present has given me strength of direction in life. I'm not sure what is going to happen next as results from the course unfolds, but I have a strong certainty that I will once again be in a leadership capacity helping make a profound difference in the lives of others in the not too distant future. Diana Vela is a magnificent teacher.

LL, Leadership from the Heart Course, December, 2007

Leadership from the Heart is an amazing course. It enlivened my desire to share. The Heart is too magnificent to deny others. I experienced a transformation in wanting to share, allowing leadership to just Be- the Heart being the leader, and I just the deliverer. I think the most profound experience I had during the course was in connecting with myself in the mirror and seeing so much love and light I could hardly maintain it. I also experienced a deepening in my Soul like never before. NB, Leadership from the Heart, December, 2007