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A One-Day Workshop

Transforming the way we live our lives forever....
With Diana Vela 

 A day filled with talks, teachings, workshop exercises, partner work, discussions, games, laughter, fun, and some amazing connections, Diana will bring you the experience of your life that will remain with you forever.
  • At last open your life to live THE POWER OF LOVE IN ACTION! with family and friends, at work, or globally, the magnitude is your choice, as simple or as big as you’d like it to be.
  • Instead of moments of past or present crisis or pain or moments of limitation forcing us to frequently focus on hardship or unworkable situations, there is the opportunity to have amazing moments of love that enrich us and stay with us forever, and order our lives. This workshop opens us to the opportunity of bringing THE POWER OF LOVE IN ACTION! transforming the way we live our lives forever.
  • As we learn to embrace THE POWER OF LOVE IN ACTION! our lives change, healing takes place, and not only does it powerfully make a difference to our lives, but it also has the potential of touching, enriching and enhancing the lives of so many, many others in your life.
  • With love being the operating principal of all of your life, you will find all actions, all expressions, creations, words, relationships, thoughts, and experiences all coming from a source based on pure love. (a word, a smile, a book, a project, a party, a touch, etc)
  • Do not hesitate one moment to take this course. This workshop will change the course of your life for always. For at last, you will live the life you were meant to live.