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an Evening Event

with Diana Vela (USA)
Founder and director of Programs of the Heart Inc.


  Diana Vela, Founder and Director of Programs of the Heart in USA, presents an evening that will awaken you to amazing gifts of love and life available to us every day of our lives.

Diana will present an engaging talk, some enlightening workshop exercises, and a question and answer period so participants can discover and experience how the love inside us and all around us can work together in a very powerful way as the Heart leads the way into THE POWER OF LOVE IN ACTION!  

  There are thousands of exquisite, beautiful moments that stay within our soul to enrich us every moment of our lives as THE POWER OF LOVE IN ACTION! is experienced.

  Now there is a way for you to master the opportunity to live in this rich, extraordinary way every single day of your life. You will be introduced to this way of living in this introductory course.