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Phone Conference Course

Advance Mastery I Course
With Diana Vela, Founder and Director

(check calendar for date)

Advance Mastery I Phone Conference Course is specifically for those who have completed The Mastery of the Heart Course, Mastery of the Heart Series, or The Heart of Service Course.

This is the course for those of you who have been yearning for something next after the Mastery of the Heart that will continue to deepen and enrich the relationship and study of the Heart and all of the gifts it has to offer in the evolution of our soul as we live our everyday life. We will be refreshing a few areas from your MOH Course, but mostly bring to light new abstractions that provide fertile groundwork, information, and experiences to provide an acceleration in our consciousness, our knowing, and our relationship with the Heart and Soul that further opens and allows the flow of unending wisdom and love to permeate into our life.

This is the perfect course for those of you who happen to live in areas of the world where Heart Life Instructors are currently not available. It is also for those of you, who are ready to just do some additional Heart work no matter where you live. It is also the safe place you experienced in your past courses where you are known, recognized as the magnificent soul that you are, and are embraced in pure love. It is an expanded environment filled with love and light especially for you to continue your personal integration and study of the Heart.

Please note, besides the phone sessions, there will be some practice work and some assignments given to be completed in-between the sessions, to deepen and accelerate your connection to the Heart and Soul. Participants are requested to take the course from beginning to end to get the maximum value of the course.

This course is available in the United States and English speaking countries.