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The Pinnacle of Success

Advanced Mastery Phone Conference Course II

With Diana Vela, Founder and Director

10 Incredible Sessions

'When I began the course I was so excited to be working with such a high level group who had extraordinary commitment to their spiritual growth and journey. I was in awe with the spiritual depth and power of the Pinnacle of Success Course. To my amazement, a spiritual goal I had been striving to achieve for 10 long years and was about to give up, miraculously manifested in the middle of the course. Phenomenal.' AB, Florida

This is a special reminder to all those who completed the Advance Mastery Phone Course. The Advance Mastery II, A Pinnacle of Success is available as the next incredible step in your journey of the Heart.

This 10 session course working with advance Mastery of the Heart graduates, will be putting into action the higher abstractions of the pinnacle of success, personal and spiritual, while also bringing you your own personal results of ‘the pinnacle of success’ into reality. All of this will be brought to you with commitment, caring, and deep love, utilizing as always, the beauty, wisdom, direction and profound love of the Heart and Soul.

  • You will have an opportunity to bring to the course 2 areas in your life that you would like to experience an absolute pinnacle of success.
    - It could be something you have tried for years and have not been able to breakthrough to the level of success that is satisfactory for yourself, for your Heart.
    - Or it could be achieving success in areas of ‘what is next for you at this time’.
    - For those of you who don’t know what 2 areas in your life to bring to success and master in this course for the evolution or full expression of your soul, we will have an initial exercise to discover these areas in session #1.

  • In working with this whole area of pinnacle of success, keep in mind that many, many new understandings and abstractions will be brought to light and consciousness, addressed, and experienced. I promise this course will bring you to a greater and powerful sense of mastery.

  • This is a new, unique and powerful breakthrough course. The information presented has never been available as a course with direct experience like this. Expect immense movement and openings beyond anything known with an added deep sense of fulfillment and accomplishment combined with an experience of integrating and bringing the true all encompassing reality of the Heart and Soul into life.

  • Also, as in past advance courses, be prepared to experience tremendous support, love, growth, deep connection, and a nurturing and empowering sense of community.

  • ‘The Pinnacle of Success: How do I describe what it's like to be given the gift of learning to create and manifest from the higher planes? This course has opened me up to casting the reflection of my life from spirit. It is bringing me peace that I haven't experienced in a long time and a wisdom that is far beyond my own because it comes from spirit through a steady stream from my heart.’ LL, Illinois

    What a joy it is to bring you this phenomenal new course and to be able to work together with you again as you take the 2 areas of your life and break through into new levels of pinnacles of success. (By the way, we are going to the very top of the pinnacle, just one breakthrough is not going to be enough, we are going for the highest.)

    Looking forward to a most spectacular and rich experience!!!

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