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Phone Conference Course

Discovering the Heart and Soul

With Diana Vela, Founder and Director

(check calendar for date)

This teleconferencing course is specifically for those beginning their inquiry and studies in their personal Journey of the Heart. This work offers individuals the fundamentals of connecting to the Heart and Soul and experiencing the ‘wonders’ this connection brings to life. It is especially meant for people who want to have an understanding and experience of this work prior to beginning any of the extensive studies offered by Programs of the Heart. This is also an opportunity to begin your study of the Heart if you happen to live in areas of the world where Heart Life Instructors are not currently available. Please note, besides the phone session there will be some practice work and some assignments given to be completed between sessions to deepen and accelerate your connection to the Heart and Soul. Participants are requested to take the course from beginning to end to get the maximum value of the course.

This course is available to any one in the United States and English speaking countries.