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Phone Conference Course

Mastery of the Heart

facilitated by Diana Vela, founder.

A course of a lifetime!

This course offers you, and anyone in the world, 24 sessions of profound work that generates foundational strength, wisdom, and unending spiritual clarity and maturity to live the Heart and Soul in life. It will open you to a world of love, creativity, vision, and beauty that is the true direction for your Heart and Soul. You will discover the ultimate in living the true wholeness of your Being in life.

This is the foundational course of the Heart and Soul work!!

In this Mastery of the Heart Phone Conference Course you will:

Learn to live life as your true essence, as Soul, from the Heart in ways never known.
Learn to live the fullness of love in life, creating a fulfilled, evolving, profound and enlightened spirited life in resonance with all existence, true to the essence of your Heart and Soul. Open to live a life of true wholeness.

Mastery of the Heart Phone Conference Course Requirements

•   Have completed “Discovering the Heart and Soul Phone Conference Course or equivalent. Have a strong commitment to yourself and to an extraordinary life filled with love from the Heart and Soul.
•   Have an open willingness to take responsibility for your life;
•   Have a responsible willingness to live life from the Heart;
•   Have the courage to let go of that which is not who you are, to address that which you have not known or not been willing to address, to bring forth the new that resonates with the highest in you, and to maintain living from the Heart and Soul moment to moment.
•   Have an inner love that longs to express itself fully by standing firmly in life for the highest and most profound in yourself and others;
•   A desire to live the true you, the pure, whole, essence of you from the Heart.
•   A commitment to complete the course from beginning to end.
•   Ready to unleash your love, creativity, and magnificent, evolutionary life…

with Diana Vela