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The Discovery of the Heart

The discovery of the presence and location of the ‘Heart” and the extraordinary results it produced, came in the middle of a new course I had developed in April of 1986. I had been teaching classes since 1966, specifically transformational courses and seminars, since 1978.

Prior to this new course, I had formulated the vision my soul yearned to be fulfilled. I was committed to end suffering in people’s lives permanently. I had worked with thousands of people in teaching transformative work in the past 8 years for an organization. And I knew something was missing and I was committed to find the missing link to end the perpetual return to suffering in people’s lives I had witnessed.

At that time, I received an insight that suffering was sourced from the ‘Soul’ unknowingly being trapped in the circumstances of life. The innate love, creativity, aliveness, and freedom to grow and soar could not be expressed openly and freely. Trapped in the enculturation and decisions made in life, people lived and presented themselves as someone they were not. My vision was to assist people to free themselves of their trappings so their true selves could experience love, peace, creativity, freedom and fulfillment of the spirit in life. I strongly intended to bring freedom, and a higher quality of life for each person I was to work with. I knew there was a key to discover and I was determined to find it.

I began my first Self Love Program in April of 1986 with this vision resting near my heart. In the midst of working with a person in that first program, I kept saying spontaneously to him, “Look into your heart, listen to it. Just be very quiet, relax and listen. Be patient. Wait. It will bubble up straight from the heart. Listen and focus”. After about 5 minutes of innately supporting him to listen, he said a few words. Then like a password that opens a file, these words opened his heart. Wave after wave of emotion started to release that had been blocked. Afterwards, he glowed with clarity, discovery, and lightness. He stated he was so light and unburdened. He stated he made discoveries beyond anything he had ever known. This major breakthrough in this man’s life took no more than 12 to 15 minutes total from beginning to the enlightenment.

Well, there you go, my life’s work had been revealed. I could now fulfill my vision. I was in a state of exhilaration, gratitude and joy. With every passing year I worked with the Heart, the more I mastered, the more I learned the intricate workings of the Heart, the more I knew how to teach ways to locate and open the channel to the Heart. I also found the Heart wasn’t simply to clear out blockages to the channel and lighten people up, but its primary purpose was to guide people moment to moment in everyday life. The Heart’s purpose is to support each to grow and evolve to the highest of themselves in life. As time passed, I began to integrate and develop programs to support people in the ability to access the Heart, be in it “every moment” and maintain this in life until it became as natural as breathing. I continued to master the material, deepened and expanded it through the years as hundreds and hundreds of people’s lives and hearts were opened, transformed, enriched, and spirited beyond my expectations.

As I worked with huge numbers of people, it became clear to me that this was evolutionary in nature. It was not necessarily for everyone at this time. The people, who were ready to live the Heart and its guidance in life, seem to gravitate to this work. There is now a versatility of programs available for people who are ready to master living the Heart in every area of their life. Please look to Programs to find the perfect one for you.

These Heart programs have been utilized by thousands of individuals, couples, families, groups, and businesses in every area of life. It has brought them all to high levels of fulfillment, truth, and results. The gifts and intelligence of the Heart hits the very core that will open up our understanding, our love, our fulfillment, our direction, our life beyond anything we could have ever thought was possible or could ever conceive from our limited perspective and knowledge. The Heart sets us free. The real ‘you’ shows up by doing this Heart work. That which had you imprisoned and suffering is removed, released, dissipated forever. The soul, the one and only unique ‘you’ at last reveals itself. It can now express it’s beautiful, perfect self, filled with love and clarity. It can now live life with gifts abounding in all its true glory.

Programs of the Heart became Incorporated in 1991. We are now offering programs in the United States and Australia.

Diana Vela, Founder and Director,
Programs of the Heart, Inc.