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Leadership from the Heart

On the final day of the course I wept with gratitude...finally the marriage of my inner and outer life was complete. I cherish the day the Leadership from the Heart course started, I had waited for this experience my whole life.

After the completion of the Leadership from the Heart Course, - I really notice when I'm not "present" : "Oops, I've gone away into that past feeling. Oops there I went worrying about the future. Oops where am I? I'm not present , I feel "me" absent in this moment. Then I am actually able to recover myself - and the moment is so deep and full and of light, love , creativity. This is the ultimate gift I have had in my life. The sages always talk about "be here now", but how do you do it? In the course I actually experienced LIFE in the now - this was definitely the greatest spiritual step I have ever taken in my life - and in only five short days.

AB - Ft Lauderdale Leadership from the Heart, March, 2006

"I was blown-away by the Leadership in the Heart course in more ways than one, many of them being my attachments and parts of myself that were getting in the way of my soul being free in the moment. Now I am truly free! The results of this beingness and presence is permanent and expanding. It is like the blinders have been removed to witness the beauty and profoundness of creation as it unfolds. I am eternally grateful to Diana and this course for this new precious life. Tears fill my eyes with deep love, gratitude, joy and freedom! This course brought forth a way of leadership way beyond what I ever imagined leadership could be. LG Leadership from the Heart, March, 2006