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Mastery of the Heart

Mastery of the Heart helped me to reveal the truth about my life. I discovered and let go of illusions I had created about myself and others that caused pain and unhappiness. I can now access my Heart and my Soul in my everyday life and what results is a natural and powerful experience of peace, tranquility, joy of being alive and incredible love for myself and others.

ES, Austin, Texas

My life has quite naturally and easily rearranged itself to allow fuller expression, deeper joy and more meaningful relationships with those I love and with each new person I meet as I live the truth of my Heart and my Soul.

-PR, Forestville, California

Learning to choose the direction from my Heart every single moment has taken the fear out of life. My life has been enriched beyond anything I have ever known. It is a joy to be alive and be of service to humanity.

SH, Bonham, Texas

I can live each moment in communion and sacredness with all of life all from the gentle and divine guidance of my Heart. I now have crystal clarity to pursue my life's vision.

LG, Boulder, Colorado

I felt tremendous trust for Diana Vela and her staff. They have complete integrity in their intent to serve each of us, so that we can experience the love and guidance in our own Hearts. The programs are nothing but grace.

LM, Raleigh, North Carolina

Mastery of the Heart has given me an emotional stability that I needed in my life right now. Working with the energy of the Eternal Heart is transformational! This work is very effective in transforming self-destructive behavior into nurturance of self. I needed help in moving forward with my life during a difficult transition and the connecting with my Heart gave me my life back. I feel that I am more authentically myself now than I have ever been in my life. I am so grateful to Linda, Heart Life Instructor in Boulder, for helping me change my life to one of empowerment and freedom. If I had not done this work, I would not have been prepared for the blissful relationship that I am now experiencing. My dreams used to be solitary with me being lost and searching. Now, my dreams are of interacting with people and participating in events. My life has gone from being the worst it has ever been to the best it has ever been!

CF, Golden, Colorado

I am transformed! Mastery of the Heart really opened my Heart to working realistically and clearly with other people. This work took me beyond what I could have imagined�deeply into the now, my soul and Eternal Heart. 

RC, Boulder, Colorado