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Phone Conference Courses

Advanced Mastery of the Heart Phone Conference Course

The first Advance Mastery Phone Course made such an incredibly profound difference in my life that when it was offered the next time...I did it again!!! I don't know how I got along without these phone courses! I have been reunited with my dear, lost Heart friends and now they have been brought back to me. I was really missing them! It is unbelievable to me that how much I have grown spiritually in just a few weeks participating on these calls and during the weeks in-between. It's like my spiritual life has taken off in a rocket ship and unknown worlds of love, understanding and beauty have opened their doors to me. These courses are the value of the century.

A.B. Ft Lauderdale

From these two courses I have moved out of my grief over the loss of my family and the triage associated with all the emergencies into the present. Really important is the discovery that the soft voice of my heart and soul moves more mountains than the insistent voice; that in that apparent dawdling of the person sweeping the stage is the power of the true stage manager....the heart. Thank you from the depths of my heart.

K.R. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Being I was one of many on Diana's first ADVANCED MASTERY OF THE HEART PHONE CONFERENCE Class I was thrilled to be a Huge part of the dynamics' I have known Diana Vela over 20 years' I am one of the people who watched and supported her developing her Commitment to her work/mission in this journey. Diana is the Most loving, dedicated, gentle, devoted, patient, hilarious, and sweetest Masters of the Heart and Human Beings I know, in the world!!! I've taken many classes over the years under her' The most profound transformations in my life was thru Diana's most loving guidance. I have been on my spiritual growth path since the early 80's.. If it weren't for Diana, who knows where I'd be today' My growth has deepened beyond my wildest dreams' Take the wonderful trip your spirit desires' Diana will guide you, support you, and assist you under any circumstance, challenge or aspiration.. Honor, deepen, expand visions, free yourself from all pain, love yourself and humanity with every fiber of your being.. Peace love and gratitude is where it's at for me' Be the power that you have come to embrace!!! Gently sending my love to all and more!!!...

H. T. ~~~ San Antonio, Texas

Diana is always on purpose to serve you. Now it's time to bravely open, follow & come from your heart. What an incredible, ever-evolving gift to be share with the world. I am blessed to have been in the Phone Conference Course & her other work. I feel more connected with the entire world, knowing it to be a filled with wonderful people like who I got to meet in the Course.

AG, Boulder, Colorado

The Advance Mastery Phone Conference Course included participants from both ends of the earth, but it turned out that we had many fundamental things in common. The focus on our hearts and souls freed us from wasting time on surface aspects (personality, location, etc.) and enabled us to connect soul to soul immediately. The connection by phone also freed me from anxiety and discomfort about “group” situations: I was free (to cry, yawn, or lie on the rug) yet connected (by voice and by heart). This is a lovely way to discover truths both inside my own heart and also inside others: and it’s great to know that there are soul mates out there in the world: we are not alone!

With love and gratitude

J. K. Pompano Beach FL

I am writing to thank each of you for your gifts of love, trust and support as you enabled me to undertake the Teleconferencing Course. I should acknowledge that I had difficulty, all the time, in being confidant I really was in the Heart space. Despite this, in endeavoring to listen to my heart, what came up for me repeatedly, were resistances to caring for myself and of allowing creativity and joy to manifest. Slowly, this crystallized into a determination to act to change that. I have joined a calligraphy class and a calligraphy club - two different, but complimentary, groups. One has more social contact than the other. I am enjoying the challenge very much and appear to have some aptitude for this.

In the last three weeks, through a friend, I found my way to a wonderful Pilates teacher. I am having private lessons with the aim to progress to being able to join a class. From the first visit, changes have taken place in my body , which amaze me! In every way, I am feeling better and leading a far more balanced life. I anticipate that this will keep increasing!

I want to express my gratitude for the experiences of our classes, and the individual work we undertook in order to open the Heart's flow. I am sure those who participated added something to one another, at that sacred Heart level. I wish I could extend my thanks to each of the others in the Phone Conference Course.

Thank you for devising these inspired courses, Diana and for all the poetry and Wisdom you shared as we challenged ourselves and worked through the various aspects of them, opening ourselves to pain and joy - and to renewal.

With deepest thanks to each of you, Diana and Ramona, Heart Life Instructor, Brisbane, Australia and with my love.

S. C. - Coff Harbour, NSW, Australia

I discovered Programs of the Heart in early 2004 through one of my spiritual teachers/healers, Maggie Tonkin. I met Ramona, Heart Life Instructor, Brisbane, Australia and had a few heart life sessions. I found them to be incredibly enriching and enlightening sessions. I would leave Ramona's house with a sense of calmness and enlightenment that I had never felt before. I was at this stage of meeting Ramona already on my journey home. Finding a new and better way of being, healing childhood battle scars, working towards living a life without struggle, chaos, and one with love and peace and happiness.

I started my Mastery course, Series 1 in late 2004, I knew my soul had brought me to this work. I had a taste of connecting to my heart earlier that same year and I wanted to see miracles happen in my life and work towards living through my heart always. At the time I started my Series 1 course, I was a struggling single mum with two children and I was very tired of the struggle. I was working nearly fulltime so my sessions had to be after work on Thursdays. I had the fortunate arrangement with my ex husband that he would take our boys on Tuesdays and Thursdays nights so I was able to do these sessions with Ramona.

Money and time was always a constant problem for me but the universe provided the money for my course. Sometimes I was so tired and frustrated from work and I was also embarking on a new relationship (my now fianc') at the time. I found it tough in the beginning of learning how to connect with my heart, and I found the homework challenging. I didn't know if I had the power within me to connect by myself at home, learning to trust is a big step ' but one worth taking. I was apprehensive, scared but I also had this sense of tenacity to keep going, and my soul's knowingness to keep going and not giving up. I wanted miracles, and true change in my life to start taking place. I knew how I was currently portraying myself to the world is not who I really was. I wanted to know and understand how to connect to my eternal heart, to know I can go to this sacred space within myself anytime. To know my heart can give me the answers, the guidance and direction. To be one breath away from god, to see other beings only as soul and not live in judgment and that consistent chaos. To know there is a better way of living, to be a truly inspirational soul to others. To be home at last when I connect to my eternal heart and soul. What a feeling, I didn't want to let this feeling go ever. To know I am truly home when I am in my heart space is a profound thing. The safety, the assurance, the wisdom, the sense of your own empowerment.

During the course I started learning to connect and realized I have the ability to do this work by myself, that I can start supporting myself. My own empowerment was realized during this time.

I haven't as yet finished my mastery course, but I know when I am ready to complete it I will. In July 2005, I attended a weekend 'Heart and Soul of My Beloved ' Part 1' when Diana came to Brisbane. My fianc' did this course with me and what an amazing weekend shared by all. I had never done any healing work before with a partner so I was very apprehensive connecting on that soul level with Billy. How incredible to see someone that I am intimate with as soul. To start developing a relationship with your partner on this level is mind blowing. Our homework over the weekend helped us further connect as soul, to see each other as soul. To continually work towards seeing each other as soul in our every day lives only strengthens our relationship and this love filters through to the rest of the family, even more than ever before.

I have just completed a Phone Conference course with Diana Vela. It's funny how you hear things over and over but until you really hear those words, that's when you really get them! From this Phone Conference course I finally learnt that the responsibility lies only with me and what I put into this work like anything is what I will get out of it. I also realized that when I listen to my heart and it gives me the answers and guidance ' that if I don't listen and take action then I am not really living through my eternal heart and soul. It comes down to trust and surrendering myself completely.

Have there been any changes in me that are noticeable, and wisdom, love and compassion achieved since starting to live through my heart? Yes, this work is so very subtle. I have been reflecting lately on this question and this is what has come up from my heart:-

An immense calmness I now have with my children. I am more patient, more willing to listen and allow my boys to be themselves. I have amazing conversations with them, my relationship with my boys will just present more miracles in the future.

The level of love of have with my partner and through my heart opening up I have attracted this beautiful man into my life. The power of love. This love I have is a great love.

Wisdom of words and the wisdom of just being there for my friends and family. I am becoming a karmic influence for people in my life, I am sometimes amazed what advice I give, trusting my heart to give me the right words heals those around me and also heals myself. Knowing that holding the space for those around me will also bring changes for them. Having compassion, understanding and supportive words for those around me.

Wisdom of forgiveness. Also I am able to let go of the anger quicker (that used to protect but hinder me). The self awareness of how I am acting, what I am saying to people. I know when I am not in my heart space and when I am in my head space. Such a difference. Head space is all about judgment, what a horrible place to be.

Wisdom of patience.

The knowingness I now possess. The 'just being' feeling. The calmness, serenity, safeness, contentment, assurance.

Deeper level of understanding and forgiveness of my younger sister (whom I've never had a great relationship with)

Being able to give more to others because I want to and not expecting anything in return. (Not that I was totally selfish before my heart work)

Less chaos in my life. No real dramas anymore. I feel more settled, stable ' at peace with myself. There are still weeds I am continually pulling out of my garden but there are fewer each and every day.

I have been continually going through spaces with my heart work, reaching a new level of awareness, and wisdom each time I move through them. It's been tough but it is so worth the reward of finding my way home.

I now have a deeper relationship, better one with my older sister. It is a more nurturing, supportive, and loving.

I can see the subtle but profound changes within me and I love knowing that I will eventually be showing the world the real me, as soul, as this beautiful creation of god's. I will shine bright and let my light touch anyone that I can. I am so grateful I have the opportunity to know and work with such wonderful, inspiring souls such as Ramona Sansoni and Diana Vela. And meeting other souls along the way who are finding their way home as well is just breathtaking and I feel honored to be a part of. I have met some beautiful people of this journey of discovery to know and live through my eternal heart. Homeward bound for me.

 C. R. Brisbane, Australia God bless.