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Heart Advocate Team

Heart Advocate Team

Pre-requisite: Completed the Heart Life Instructor Training Program or Mastery of the Heart Program or equivalent.

First of all I want to personally thank you for sharing the Heart throughout these years and for all of the love and support you have given me, the Heart Life Instructors, and this incredible, miraculous work of the Heart and Soul. Thank you always for your partnership by continually demonstrating this profound way of living. You are very dear to me personally and reside in my Heart for always. I cherish our special, precious relationship.

Programs of the Heart Inc. is going through an evident growth spurt. We believe it is just the beginning of a fast and rapid expansion. We have completed many changes to our training material to facilitate instructing the Heart in many modalities to reach the greater number of people anywhere in the globe. We are continually looking at new ways to effectively fulfill our vision.

Many of you have asked to be of service, not necessarily instructing. We now have something that is available that may be perfect for your participation. We have put together a group of people that will make up the Heart Advocate Team. It is important that we all come together as a sourceful group of Heart knowledgeable people. It is time now to have a team that is rooted and grounded in this work as you are, and be a part of a ‘co creating power structure’ to give us the much needed support to see us through a very possible rapid manifestation of our VISION.

The wonderful thing about this group is that it has the potential to bring together a community of people who can be as creative as the Heart and Soul desires in support of bringing this work of the Heart and Soul to greater numbers of people in the world. Hopefully we will have people from all over who can gather to plan a year of deepening and great expansion while at the same time create a rich, loving, nurturing and powerful community of Active Heart Advocates. We have been expanding rapidly. We now have ongoing programs in Australia, and we have had people from Hawaii. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and Portugal in our Phone Conferencing Courses. We want to be global and also go coast to coast in the USA and we need your help and support in having it happen.

Active Heart Advocates will be invited to join us at our ANNUAL GLOBAL CONFERENCE  in June if you choose to attend.

There is so much happening. I hope you join us as a part of the ‘Heart Advocate’ team. I cannot fathom you not being a part of this miraculous connection of love, filled with grace. Please let me know if you would like to be included in the ‘The Heart Advocate Team’.