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Living in the Heart of Infinite Love

By Diana Vela

Heart beating strongly, full of spirit, I reach to you beyond words and printed page. My Soul crumbles time and space to be with you, to join Hearts, to share love of many faces. Inspired by you, I open my Heart. In the awe and endless wonder of your essence, I connect with you. Our journey will bear fruit. It will bring riches of love to our Hearts never to be forgotten.

My desire is to show you that there is a realm of love and oneness that exists beyond what we know in everyday life. My intention is that you clearly understand that this infinite love is only a veil away, obtainable, to be lived in your life. May your Heart open, together with your Soul, to begin your journey towards a life of resplendent beauty that is waiting for you.

Let us embark by first taking an exploratory journey together through some life experiences. Our purpose is to discover the source for opening the wellspring of this infinite love.

It was 1994. The Florida Keys. My dream had just been shattered. The captain banned me from swimming with the dolphins. I had a sore arm. My heart hurt more.

Legs dangling over the bow, pen in hand, I was determined. With closed eyes, I concentrated. heart filled with love, I sent communications to the dolphins. In a blink, I felt a rush of warmth, cozy warmth. I opened my eyes. There was a dolphin circling close to me, then two more coming in. Yes. The love was strong. Waves of it saturated me. I was in heaven. Peace surrounded me.

I looked down at the dolphins swimming close to my feet. They were delightful, dancing in the water. Beautiful. They were open like children, full of love. I felt innocent and free. Compelled to romp and play with them, I opened my heart even more. Then, I heard words. Yes, words. They were in my head, coming fast. My pen began to race. Furiously writing, giggling bubbles arose. Light-headed, euphoric, I kept writing. In the meantime, I was being wrapped, bathed, and enveloped in love and light. They swam closer to me. We were one…

The dolphins showered me with wisdom and love. Here is a segment of significant relevance…

“Man has been missing love and oneness. We all share One Heart. This humanity must know and live, to be in harmony with the whole. The heart is where the signals, sonar and experiences come from. Keep learning to listen to the signal and sonar from the heart. Follow it.”

Let us hold the dolphin’s message as we read the next story. Begin to look for important keys in both stories. Read with an open heart. Imbue love newly.

Cicadas, coyotes in the distance, and silence were sounds of the night echoing for miles. It was a summer night at the ranch. We lay on bedrolls listening, my father and I. A canopy of stars glittered in the blackness of the night. It was my father’s heaven. Requested to be quiet, I, as my father, gazed at the stars. My eyes checked different shapes, designs, brightness. They were so beautiful. Each one seemed to call out to be seen. Something caught my eye. One star seemed to beam to another. I noticed more stars winking to others. Were they communicating by twinkling to each other? Could it be that millions of stars criss-crossed the vastness of the universe, talking?

Heightened curiosity fueled my search. I was fascinated. On the left, a flash reached out to me. Then more followed. Wow. I wanted to touch them too. Concentrating. I ‘beamed’ a couple of stars. Abruptly, like a shooting star, love pierced my Heart open. I was swimming in love. Dizzy, I turned. My father’s eyes burned with love as they penetrated my Soul. He nodded. A smile crossed his face as night dissolved to brilliant light. A veil lifted. A world of love had been revealed. In peace, I was speechless, humbled. At the age of 8, I communed with the essence of the stars…and the Soul of my father. Unity. Oneness. Eternal love.

There is no denying the truth. We, in all creation, are one. We are love. It’s all love. It’s all there, waiting for us to open up to it and enjoy. Waiting. Always. Most of us cannot conceive the possibility of living in this oneness of love. Certainly not live it each moment of everyday of life. But you know what? You can. I am a normal ordinary person. Real as real can be. I have a normal life and the only difference is that I recognize and honor my Heart and the Soul that I am and I am committed to living extraordinary love. Why? Because it is available inside of me and all around me. It shows up at the grocery store, as I am talking with my mom, or a stranger down the street. It showed up in the following story.

I walked into my daughter’s room expecting to see her nursing her newborn baby. I looked. I froze for a moment, confused. To my unexpected surprise my 7year old granddaughter, a dwarf size image of my daughter, was sitting there. A picture framed in my heart of her properly holding her new baby brother. I broke into a huge smile of delight. I marveled at the precious, innocent beauty of these two souls before me. I loved them so dearly. Alexandra watching my face, connected to the love. She began to smile, then laughed freely. Her little heart was wide open. So was mine. In that moment, we were eternal, nothing else existed, only beauty. Two ancient Souls embraced, filled with the pure essence of a new Soul. I soared in the freedom of the moment. Love and light filled the room and our Souls. It was a moment of oneness, of pure love. That moment of celebrated oneness was a treasure, locked in our hearts for all eternity.

These treasures of love and life are available to every one of us every moment. It is ultimate freedom to live in the communion of love all around us.

What will it take to make it our life? It is important to know that we are the navigators of this journey creating the opening in ourselves. It is up to each of us to do whatever it takes to transform in this journey of infinite love. So take heed as we proceed.

There are five key elements to master on our journey. Working on these five areas will open and expand us; bring to life the extraordinary wonders of communion and profoundness of everyday love.

  1. Desire, yearn, commit to connect with the pure essence of your soul, of each other, and with all creation.

  2. Open the heart. Learn to listen to it and follow it’s guidance.

  3. Share the essence of who you are with all creation.

  4. Actively seek, discover, and appreciate the beauty of all life.

  5. Connect with others; share our one eternal heart, soul, and love. The pure exchange of these three elements with another creates an explosion of oneness.
Integrating these 5 keys, we transcend our limited identities and enculturation. When we allow ourselves to reveal the beauty of our Souls, our one heart, and our love, the veil lifts, and we are one.

Like anything else to master, we must take a firm hand in achieving it. Our heart and soul yearns to be set free. It yearns to love unbounded. Clients come to me with hurting hearts, not knowing why. They come to fix their lives or their relationships. If these are addressed only, yes it will make it better, but it won’t take them to the source that will transform their lives. Truth is we want to go home. We want to be ourselves. The heart and soul wants to stop being held back from life. The answer and direction for this journey of unfoldment is in our heart. It is the One heart that will free our soul.

It takes time. It takes work. It takes dedication. There are challenges. But as I am repeatedly told by clients, “Once I experienced life in this magnificent way, it is the only way I want to live.” Taking this journey of love demands a conscious choice. Once committed from the strength and depth of the heart, it is set in motion.

Where to begin now? The first step is to open our eyes to see everyday love around us. Recognize the love we receive in life. Give and receive love, as we never have. Embrace the simple gifts of love. Treasure them. The earth in totality is a gift of love. Let us open our eyes, open our heart to it.

Love is also a catalytic agent. As it comes from the Heart with its single purpose, it uncovers and opens the heart of another, stoking the fire where it, in turn, begins to be a catalytic agent for yet another. One person giving love generously from the heart can open the hearts of the world. Eventually bringing the world together, in love.

A good exercise is to list from our heart all the simple expressions of love 1.) from others to us, 2.) from us to others, and 3.) from all life. Make the 3 lists from the beginning of your life, as far back as you can remember, to the present. What a joyful surprise to discover wonders of love from your heart. Love has been beaming you endlessly. It will confirm the total existence of love everywhere, in everything.

It is time to set free the love that lies trapped within your soul and openly share it with the world. Feel a bit uncomfortable embarking on this journey? Not to worry. It is beautiful, and wondrous in all its different phases. That is why transformation is compared to the struggle of the butterfly in chrysalis. It works and works to set itself free from the cocoon to at last be set free to fly, in all its magnificent glory and beauty. We are that butterfly. The heart guides us to remove the illusions, constraints and blinders of life, setting the soul free to soar. The heart has quite an extraordinary journey in store for us…way beyond anything ever experienced.

Let us fly precious Souls. Let us join hearts. Let us fly into the realm of unending love.

From my heart and soul to yours in Love and oneness.


Diana Vela, founder and director of Programs of the Heart in America, has in the last 20 years, taught thousands of people to live a magnificent life from the Heart.

All rights reserved: Diana Vela, 2005