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Mastery of the Heart Series Course

Work personally with a Heart Instructor

The course is offered individually with a person or in two group formats or by phone conference with Diana Vela.

The group formats are as follows:

One is 8 Saturdays (9 AM to 6 PM) meeting every other week. The other group format meets once weekly for 2 and a half hours at a designated time for 26 sessions. The Heart Life Instructor in your area will let you know which are available or work directly with Diana Vela in person in Austin, TX, for two, 3 day weekend, one month apart.

Learn to live life as your true essence, as Soul, from the Heart in ways never known

Learn to live the fullness of love in life and create a fulfilling, evolving, profound and enlightened life in integrity and resonance with all existence and true to the essence of your Soul

"As a person discovers and learns to live consistently from the Heart, authentic understanding, wisdom, compassion, joy, integrity, creativity, aliveness, fulfillment and, most especially, an experience of profound love beyond anything known unfolds. This higher state of living from the Heart is in alignment and harmony with the whole of existence. Living consistently from the Heart allows each of us, as Soul, to express today a higher state of consciousness that over the past centuries might only be attributed to great teachers, leaders and saints".    -Diana Vela

Mastery of the Heart Series Course Requirements
A strong commitment to yourself and to an extraordinary life from the Heart.
An open willingness to take responsibility for your life;
A responsible willingness to live life from the Heart;
Courage to let go of that which is not who you are, to address that which you have not known or not been willing to address, and to maintain living from the Heart moment to moment;
An inner love that longs to express itself fully by standing firmly in life for the highest and most profound in yourself and in others;
A desire to live the true you, the pure essence of you.
A commitment to maximize and complete the course from beginning to end.

"The greatest gift that we can give ourselves, is the gift of the eternal Heart."
-Diana Vela

For Tuition and Registration: Email or call the Certified Heart Life Instructor in your area or, 512-288-1655 and we will direct you to the instructor in your area.

As we develop, evolve and expand technologically, so are we evolving as human beings. As a global culture, we are not yet aware of the beginning of an emerging change taking place in humanity. It is a timely evolution of a state of conscious recognition, identification, and expression into a higher, profound state of Being, as Soul. Conscious living in this state, transforms and elevates the quality of daily life.
This new paradigm of living allowing possibility of enlightened change for all humankind, is what we offer at Programs of the Heart, Inc. starting with our Mastery of the Heart Series Course.

Diana Vela, Founder

Or call Programs of the Heart at 512-288-1655 or 512-658-0508

Experiences of the Heart

Mastery of the Heart helped me to reveal the truth about my life. I discovered and let go of illusions I had created about myself and others that caused pain and unhappiness. I can now access my Heart and my Soul in my everyday life and what results is a natural and powerful experience of peace, tranquility, joy of being alive and incredible love for myself and others.� ES, Austin, Texas

Learning to choose the direction from my Heart every single moment has taken the fear out of life. My life has been enriched beyond anything I have ever known. It is a joy to be alive and be of service to humanity. -SH, Richardson, Texas

My life has quite naturally and easily rearranged itself to allow fuller expression, deeper joy and more meaningful relationships with those I love and with each new person I meet as I live the truth of my Heart and my Soul. -PR, Forestville, California

I can live each moment in communion and sacredness with all of life all from the gentle and divine guidance of my Heart. I now have crystal clarity to pursue my life's vision. -LG, Boulder, Colorado

I felt tremendous trust for Diana Vela and her staff. They have complete integrity in their intent to serve each of us, so that we can experience the love and guidance in our own Hearts. The programs are nothing but grace.  -LM, Raleigh, North Carolina.

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