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Founder's Statement

As we develop, evolve and expand technologically, so are we evolving as human beings. As a global culture, we are not yet aware of the beginning of an emerging change taking place in humanity. It is a timely evolution of a state of conscious recognition, identification, and expression into a higher, profound state of Being, as Soul. The change comes about through the merging of the Soul with the Heart. Living in this state, transforms and elevates the quality of daily life. This new paradigm of living that allows the possibility of enlightened change for all humankind, is what we offer at Programs of the Heart, Inc. Living from the Heart and Soul allows each of us to express today a higher state of consciousness that over the past centuries might only have been attributed to great teachers, leaders and saints.

It is a privilege to witness thousands of people as they take the programs offered and integrate this new way of living from the Heart into their lives. The exquisite changes each go through is an extraordinary and enriching experience not only for them, but also for me.

What a joy it is to work with these incredible human beings as the passage to the eternal Heart begins to clear. A brilliant light, like a sun, pours out, revealing the genuine essence, the true experience and expression of each soul. At that moment, we have a clear understanding of who we are - an experience we will never, never forget. What follows is an extraordinary life, we never thought could be possible- all from the Heart.

I celebrate the magnificent presence of each person who has participated in these Programs. It has been an honor to work with each of these beautiful souls, as it would be a privilege to work with you.