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What is a Heart Life®?

Heart Life® is a simple expression describing a profound, yet simple way of living life. Heart Life® means exactly what it says - living life from the Heart.

What is living from the Heart? It is a conscious choice to live the wisdom and direction from the eternal Heart for all life rather than from the mind or from past learning and experience. In the past, we have made choices and taken action based on past behavior patterns, beliefs, decisions, cultural influences or from what we have read, heard or been told by our those closest to us, those we admire, that we fear. and what impacted us from the world and media around us. Unlike the mind, which is limited to what has been integrated from life experiences and recorded, the eternal Heart embraces the wisdom of all existence sending direction and guidance made for the moment based on what experience is important for our own growth and expansion that also resonates in harmony with the whole of existence. When we make choices, express ourselves, create and take action from the Heart, we experience a quality life that moves us toward a clear, simple, authentic and true, expanded expression of our self. Living life from the Heart leads to richness in life, fulfillment, understanding, clarity, peace, appreciation and love. Living a Heart Life® is an evolved, conscious way of living life.

Learning to live a Heart Life® is a process. In the beginning, the Heart guides us to move beyond any barriers or blockages in accessing the Heart communications clearly and concisely. As we learn to listen accurately to the Heart, the Heart reveals what is to be released, addressed or completed to clear the Heart passage. The eternal Heart is like a radio station. It is always sending us signals. All we have to do is learn to access the clear pulsating frequency, listen, then follow the information and live a profound expanded life.

It is up to each of us to maintain this Heart connection to continue to live a Heart Life® once we are stabilized in this way of living.

When people begin the journey of living a Heart Life®, they realize that they have been yearning for this all of their life. They realize that they no longer have to live in a suppressed state of hopelessness of not being able to fully express themselves as all that they are.

The Heart sets us free. The Heart brings us to love and true fulfillment. Heart Life® is a true life. It offers the unique opportunity to live a life that has no limitations to the possibility of our unique magnificence, gifts and fulfillment. We get to live the divinely directed life we were meant to live.

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