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Clay Maer

Phone: 509-962-5395

The Heart! What an “almost” indescribable joy it has been to discover it! I say "almost" because the Heart can describe itself. All I have to do is listen. From deep within, words come and come and come. They answer questions, they give a path to follow, they express what has been there all along to be express about actions, feelings, creations, joy, laughter, gentleness, peace, knowing, truth, patience, Love, Love, Love, Sacred Love, Sacred Heart. Often I have heard people say about some event in their life: "it was an experience of a lifetime." Listening to my Heart is my lifetime, my constant experience of ever learning, ever giving, ever receiving, ever unfolding, ever creating in a new way, ever serving and ever loving. For this, I am ever grateful to serve you in the opening to the gifts of the Heart.