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Letters from the Heart

from Diana


A new year brings to us new beginnings. A New Era of the Heart gifts us not just one year of a fresh start, it possibly offers us a long period of time, like a wave we keep riding until we arrive at our ultimate destination. This new era brings us hope. Hope for a chosen direction that opens our Hearts and our life to something way beyond the finiteness we know.

A resolve to live a life beyond the finite, opens us to discoveries that transcend the set boundaries of a limited world we have been living, taking us to an unending universe of new life resonating with who we really are. It is in this infinite freedom where our true soul belongs and flourishes. The choice is ours to claim our infinite identity. The Heart introduced in Programs of the Heart, leads us to the realm of infinite living that rightfully belongs to every one of us.

May we all soar in the infinite freedom of our beautiful souls in life.

May this year be a true celebration of an abundant spirit-filled life overflowing with experiences of unity, joy, love, and happiness with family and friends. May we continually extend respect, appreciation, patience, understanding, and love for the uniqueness, as well as differences of all our personal and global family and friends.

May our past errors enlighten us in this coming year and in the future. May we listen to the Heart for guidance, direction, and clarity especially when challenges and unknown, never experienced situations cross our life's path.

May we bring forth a life filled with happiness, love, experiences, and accomplishments our soul has been yearning for.

May we take the time daily for those special quiet moments with our Heart and Soul, nurturing and filling us with the love, clarity, peace and spirit that is so needed in our world. Let us generously share our light and kindness to the world we meet in our daily life.

May we care for, embrace, enjoy and play with the wonders of this planet we live in. Let us also embrace our playmates with joy and appreciation.

May we open our hearts to creations that will spiritually fill us, our family, our community, and our world with that which we most need to bring forth a harmonious and peaceful existence.

May we discover those simple things in life that enrich us, as well as contribute to the well being of our self, our families, and the planet. (grow our own small organic garden, share abundance with neighbors, volunteer, express our gifts and talents fully, others will follow, etc.)

May we begin by bringing love, appreciation, harmony and peace within our self and our home first and then may we bring that power, strength and experience of family out to our world.

May we expand to embrace the world with love and compassion for what we bring in spirit will reach all corners of the universe. May we live and embrace this world with love and never take it for granted.

May we allow ourselves to discover elements of love that we have never known or experienced. May we always remember the depth of richness of love goes on beyond anything we presently know. May we all become students of ever growing and newly discovering experiences of love.

May we embrace our self as holy, precious, sacred and in turn hold our family, friends and fellow man in the same way. May we hold our home, and everyone else's home, no matter how humble or different as sacred, which includes our beautiful, shared home, the Earth.

May we expand our self this year as spirit to hold all creation from the Heart as sacred and beautiful. May we recognize all those who come unto our path as messengers of love and service who allow us the opportunity to discover and extend our own gifts of light, love, and profound insights that lie deep within us waiting to be used.

May we not cry, be forlorn, or unhappy for what we do not have, instead may we be grateful for the gifts that abound within us and around us. Let us be in the moment, for that moment will never return to us ever again. May we not get wrapped up in the mental acrobats of the past and future and miss the precious moment of 'now'. May we always be aware that 'now 'is all there is.

Most importantly, let us be aware of those expectations we continually hold before us. It is those expectations that could rob us of our life and our happiness.

May we daily go deep into our Heart in silence and reverence and listen to the guidance and direction for our day and follow it. May this bring our soul, our spirit the fulfillment of life, confidently knowing that we are following the true path we were born to take.

Filled with the blessings from the Heart, may this be the most incredible and fulfilling year of our lives. May we all live in this infinite New Era of the Heart!

I, and all who participate in bringing Programs of the Heart to you, wish you unending freedom, an incredible life filled with love, health, happiness and full expression of the infinite spirit of you.

Thank you for the precious gift you are to me.

Diana Vela
Programs of the Heart